The laboratories (in Russia)

The requirements of Russian legislation:

There is one national accreditation system in Russia, which monitors the activities of accredited companies.

The organization, which has a laboratory and provides services to other businesses, must have a certificate of accreditation - an official document or set of documents proving accreditation in a specific field of accreditation.

New imported equipment supplied to the Russian market, must be listed in the register of certificates of conformity.

The accreditation scope of testing laboratory must be clearly defined by the list of products and types of tests in accordance with the requirements of regulations and other documents. Scope of accreditation is drafted in the form of a standard document that is attached to the certificate of accreditation.

This page provides the information about the laws in force in this area, the procedure for obtaining the certificate of accreditation, details of the authorities issuing the certificate of accreditation.

More detailed information on this subject is presented in Russian