Services of the Envi-Info-Center

Search for partners

The search for partners and clients for the companies of environmental technology are supported in the project with, for example, the following actions: visits to the environmental exhibitions in Finland and Russia, seminars, thematic workshops and matchmaking events that we organise within the themes of the project (clean water, clean air, soil treatment, waste treatment and environmental leadership and legislation). Envi Info-Centre also has their own website ( that can be used for searching for partners as well as to acquire information. The companies can have a more extensive and tailored market research and the search for partners in the area of St.-Petersburg made by ISBE Oy (Public Limited Company), who has over 10 years of experience in this.

A closer description of the exhibition visits, seminars and the website of the project are available in the separate service descriptions below.

Management consultancy

In addition to the general consultation, we also advice companies in, for example, financing issues. The services offered by ISBE Oy in Finland and in Russia are also available for the companies.


Within the project, the information of the environmental field in Finland and Russia is available for the companies. We also help them with questions on how to proceed in Finland or in Russia. The companies can also turn to ISBE Oy with some specific questions, such as bookkeeping and financial administration in Russia, juridical questions or establishing a company or business in Russia.

Market research

The Russian associates of the project know the market in St.-Petersburg area and are able to advise and guide the Finnish associates of environmental technology. ISBE Oy has also been operating in St.-Petersburg for more than 10 years carrying out, for example, market research that contain general information of the field as well as information on market conditions and competition. The more extensive market research is specifically carried out by ISBE Oy.

Showroom premises of environmental information centre in the centre of St.-Petersburg

Our showroom premises are situated at the premises of ISBE Oy in the centre of St.-Petersburg. The address is Artilleriiskaya 1 (business-center "Europa House") office 448, St. Petersburg 191014, Russia. The exhibition is permanent and there is shelf and floor space for the products and the brochures of the companies of environmental technology taking part in the project. The seminars and thematic workshops are organised at the Environmental Information Centre. Because of the central location of the showroom, the products displayed at the showroom can easily be used for sales purposes in the Russian market.

Seminars, conferences, thematic workshops

We organise seminars and thematic workshops with different themes in St.-Petersburg, primarily at the premises of the Environmental Information Centre, and the companies are able to participate in the events free of charge. The companies are each given a chance to take the floor at the seminars and thematic workshops to present their expertise to the other participants. Also, a matchmaking part is often organised during the events. We also take part in the seminars and conferences organised by others so one can also get familiar with our operations in those. More information about the dates and events can be found in our calendar of events.

Environmental expertise

The Russian Kosmos and AsEP taking part in the project are the experts in the environmental field. According to the themes of the project, they are consulting in the environmental expertise with regard to Russia. KOSMOS also carries out and commissions their own research within the field and their expertise can be seen, for example, on the website ( With regard to Finnish expertise and specific questions, you can get in touch with Project Manager Karoliina Tanskanen at karoliina.tanskanen(at), tel. +358 44 7678482.


As a part of the project, we participate in many exhibitions in Finland and Russia. The companies participating in the project can also participate in the exhibitions with their brochures as active associates free of charge. We also organise consulting meetings arranged in advance for the companies at the exhibitions and/or at the ISBE Oy’s office in the centre of St.-Petersburg. We also offer other supplementary services through ISBE Oy, such as interpretation and translation services for organising events. The information and the timetable of the exhibitions can be found in our calendar of events.


The project has its own website. Kosmos from Russia and ISBE Oy from Finland are responsible for the contents of it. Information on the environmental prospects in Russia and Finland have been collected onto the website, which include, for example, legislation with regard to authorities and other associates. The information is continuously updated and more is added and it is primarily available in Finnish and Russian. The updated calendar of events, brochures of the project, news and information on the associates and other participants of the project can also be found on our website. The registered users of the website have a wider access to the material there. The registered companies can also have advertising space and a link to their homepage on our website. More visibility on the website, for example, by having a company logo on the front page, can be acquired for a fee.