The First Baltic Circular Economy Forum in St. Petersburg

On April 22, the first Baltic Circular Economy Forum (BCEF) will be held in St. Petersburg.

The event is supported by the following projects of the CBC program 2014-2020 South-Eastern Finland - Russia: LALAPETE, Startup Connect and Twin Campus. Register via the link.

  • BCEF will open with a plenary session (10:00-11:45);
  • Then there will be a panel discussion and a session "NTI ECONET and industrial symbiosis ecosystems: a step towards a closed-loop economy?" at BCEF (12:00-14:00);
  • Cool4City project launch workshop at BCEF (14:00-16:00). Register for a link to participate online in ZOOM here;
  • "Green startups go Global" at BCEF (16:00-18:00) (in partnership with the Twin Campus project and the Ingria Business Incubator). The events in the BCEF Finland Hall can be found here.

The second meeting of the group on interaction and cooperation of the Cool4City, Cata3Pult, BBC1, LALAPETE and CroBoDDIT projects was held

On April 15, the second meeting of the interaction and cooperation group of five projects was held: Cool4City, Cata3Pult, BBC1, LALAPETE and CroBoDDIT of the cross-border cooperation program of South-Eastern Finland and Russia.

The idea to hold a joint meeting on five projects arose because the focus of these projects is waste management and the transition to a closed-loop economy. In this way, there is a natural and effective communication between projects.

During the second meeting, a discussion of upcoming events and publications was held:

  • On April 22, 2021, the first Baltic Circular Economy Forum (BCEF) will be held in St. Petersburg, where the:
    • panel discussion and forecast session "NTI ECONET and Industrial Symbiosis Ecosystems: a step towards a closed-cycle economy?" will take place at BCEF (12:00-14:00);
    • Cool4City project launch workshop at BCEF (14:00-16:00).
  • On April 27, 2021, Cata3Pult and LALAPETE are designing a webinar for experts "Textile recycling-Business in mind»;
  • April 29, 2021 web-seminar on smart and eco-friendly mobility of the Catapult project (More information about the program and the registration form are available on the GreenReality network website);
  • On May 25, 2021, a seminar on waste management (Among the speakers-representatives of Rosprirodnadzor-the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources, St. Petersburg ITMO University, the Ministry of the Environment of Finland, etc. The webinar program is currently under development. The links will be sent to everyone, as well as posted on the portal and in social networks);
  • Training brochure on waste management in enterprises. (Currently, the Cata3Pult project is working on an educational brochure "Waste management in the enterprise: Russian and Finnish experience" (in Russian with an abstract in English). The brochure will be delivered to the printing house at the end of April, and the print run will be published in mid-May).

Participation in the webinar "Legal aspects of waste and secondary raw materials management in an apartment building"

On April 8, "Housing and Communal Services Control" held an online seminar on the topic: "Legal aspects of waste and secondary raw materials management in an apartment building" and which was attended by.

Sodom Mikhailovich Budatarov (head of the educational program of the IGSU RANEPA "Production and Consumption Waste Management", head of the laboratory of the IGSU RANEPA for the study of the financial, managerial and technological foundations of the closed-loop economy, founder and head of the expert group Wasteconsulting) made a presentation.

The concepts of "waste from the use of goods", "solid municipal waste" (SMW), "secondary raw materials" were highlighted, questions were raised about the need for widespread implementation of separate waste collection, as well as about the economic benefits of separate collection for all participants – residents, management companies and homeowners ' associations, processing enterprises. In his report, Sodnom Mikhailovich conducted a comparative analysis of the quality of secondary material resources during separate collection and sorting at landfill waste sorting complexes, which showed the absolute advantage of separate collection. The relations of the management companies with the regional operator, the issues of ownership of the SMW components were also discussed. In conclusion, a practical example of waste separation and reduction of SMW volumes in Sevastopol was given.

The speaker answered the questions of the seminar participants.
The maximum number of webinar participants is 43.
A recording of the webinar will be available on the YouTube channel.

Participation in the joint meeting of the Committee CCI RF and the International Scientific and Educational Consortium

On March 25, they took part in a joint meeting of the Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (CCI of the Russian Federation) and the International Scientific and Educational Consortium "Cadres for the Green Economy" on the topic "Digitalization of communications between educational, scientific and industrial enterprises and organizations in the field of ecology within the framework of creating a Digital platform of the Unified Intellectual Library of Innovations for the Environment-saving Economy of the Russian Federation (SILI)".

The meeting was attended by leading representatives of the Ministries of the Russian Federation, scientific, scientific and educational organizations, public organizations and the business community.

The meeting discussed the mechanisms of interaction between stakeholders in the development of a new type of environmental practice-oriented education system based on digital platforms (using the example of the prototype of the Digital Platform of the Unified Intellectual Library of Innovations for the Environment-saving Economy of the Russian Federation (SILI)).

This system provides conditions for an online dialogue between the user with an eco-innovation initiative (idea, project, eco-innovation, educational program, unique specialist) and interested parties represented by representatives of universities, enterprises, mentors, experts, authorities, public figures and other interested competent parties.

The following issues were considered at the meeting:

  • Digital ecology: digital platforms, information ecosystems;
  • Digital Platform of the Unified Intellectual Library of Innovations for the Environment-saving Economy of the Russian Federation (SILI);
  • Development, expertise and commercialization of innovative projects and programs, copyright protection within the SILI Digital Platform;
  • Mechanisms of interaction of research and production teams on the basis of Digital platforms for the creation and implementation of innovative eco-friendly domestic technologies.

The parameters of the Russian eco-innovation market, the role of SILI in this market, the prospects for development until 2024 were outlined, and the work of the test version of the prototype of this system was demonstrated.

As a result of the meeting, it was decided to test and implement the SILI prototype for the International Scientific and Educational Consortium "Personnel for the Green Economy". Together with the Consortium participants, draw up a roadmap for testing and implementing the digital platform, and initiate participation in the events of the Year of Science and Technology within the framework of the thematic month (December) "Man, Nature, Society and Technology" on the basis of SILI, as well as to develop a business plan for the commercialization of a digital product within the framework of eco-innovation activities in Russia.

Photos can be viewed here.

Final conference on the Russian-Finnish "Green InterTraffic" project

On March 25, we took part in the final conference of the Russian-Finnish project "Application of innovative solutions to improve the environmental safety of International Road Transport in the border regions of Russia and Finland" (Green InterTraffic), which summed up the results of its implementation.

The event was held in a mixed format – most of the participants from Russia and Finland joined online, the offline part was held at the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (St. Petersburg CCI).

The project was aimed at reducing the impact of air pollution through cross-border cooperation in the field of air quality monitoring, improving road safety through cross-border cooperation in the field of road weather services, improving meteorological support in improving transport safety.

Lyudmila Karelina, Project Manager, Vice-President of the St. Petersburg CCI, introduced the project partners and thanked them for their contribution to its implementation.

During the conference, Russian and Finnish approaches and solutions for improving transport and environmental safety were announced.
The event was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Transport of Russia, the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland, the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "North-West", representatives of Russian and Finnish companies.

Boris Krylov, Director of the Association of Environmental Partnerships (NP "AsEP"), Deputy Chairman of the Environmental Council under the Governor of St. Petersburg, made a report at the conference. In his report, he stressed the importance of the ongoing project, which allowed us to get real practical results, including the air quality system created within the framework of the project on the highway, which makes it possible not only to control, but also to make management decisions that will help reduce the burden on the environment.

At the end of the event, Lyudmila Karelina thanked all those present for their participation in the conference and fruitful cooperation within the framework of the project.

Materials and developments are in the public domain. You can read them on the project's website.

Photos can be viewed here.

Participated in the International forum "Ecology of the Big city"

On March 23-25, Russian participants of the "Cool4City" project took part in the XX International forum "Ecology of the Big City".
Advertising materials of the St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise "St. Petersburg Information and Analytical Center" (St. Petersburg IAC) were placed at the stand of "KOSMOS" LLC and the Association of Environmental Partnership (NP "AsEP").

Representatives of St. Petersburg IAC and NP "AsEP" took part in the seminar "Environmental projects of the Cross-Border Cooperation Program "Russia-Finland", where the leader-partner of the project "Cool4City" presented information about the project.

The photos are posted here.
More information about the seminar program and the projects presented can be found at the link.
Link to the video here.

Representatives of St. Petersburg IAC and NP "AsEP" also attended the international round table "Promising international projects within the framework of cross-border cooperation programs for the period 2021-2027".

The event was organized by the Committee for Nature Management, Environmental Protection and Environmental Safety of St. Petersburg.

Areas of promising cooperation were presented, which in the future could become the basis for the preparation of applications for projects under the cross-border Cooperation Programs "Russia — South-Eastern Finland", " Russia — Estonia" and "Russia — Latvia", the transnational cooperation program "Interreg. The Baltic Sea Region" for 2021-2027.

For more information about the program, the invited participants and the issues that were discussed, please follow the link.
Photos can be viewed here.

Interaction and collaboration of Cata3Pult, Cool4City, BBC1, LALAPETE and CroBoDDIT projects

On March 18, an on-line meeting was held, organized by the group for coordination, interaction and cooperation of 5 interrelated projects (Cata3Pult, Cool4City, BBC1, LALAPETE and CroBoDDIT). The projects ' activities are related to waste management, promotion of the closed-cycle economy concept, and digitalization. The organizing meeting was attended by Russian and Finnish project participants. A calendar plan of joint events was drawn up.

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