Interaction and collaboration of Cata3Pult, Cool4City, BBC1, LALAPETE and CroBoDDIT projects

On March 18, an on-line meeting was held, organized by the group for coordination, interaction and cooperation of 5 interrelated projects (Cata3Pult, Cool4City, BBC1, LALAPETE and CroBoDDIT). The projects ' activities are related to waste management, promotion of the closed-cycle economy concept, and digitalization. The organizing meeting was attended by Russian and Finnish project participants. A calendar plan of joint events was drawn up.

A meeting of the Council of the St. Petersburg CCI was held in full-time and online format

On March 11, at 16:00, a meeting of the Council of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry was held in full-time and in an online format using the ZOOM app.
There was also a working meeting of the Director of NP "AsEP" (Chairman of the Committee on Nature Management and Ecology of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Boris Krylov met with Olga Volkova, Chairman of the Trade Committee of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Maria Filippova, director of Public Relations and Government Agencies of Lenta, to discuss the implementation of the principles of the "circular economy" in large network companies.
It was decided to hold a meeting in St. Petersburg CCI to organize the participation of retailers in the implementation of the projects KS1699 BBC1 "Business in biotechnologies and closed-loop economy" and KS11173 Cool4City "Effective waste management for creating an environmentally friendly urban environment".

Start of the "Cool4City" project

Within the framework of the Cross – border Cooperation Program "Russia - South-Eastern Finland 2014-2020", the Project KS11173 Clean Green City by Smart Waste Management "Cool4City" (Environmentally friendly urban environment through rational waste management) was launched on February 25.

The project is based on the study of best practices in waste management, analysis of current legislation on waste management and development of recommendations in this area in order to create a clean environment in the city.