Final conference on the Russian-Finnish "Green InterTraffic" project

On March 25, we took part in the final conference of the Russian-Finnish project "Application of innovative solutions to improve the environmental safety of International Road Transport in the border regions of Russia and Finland" (Green InterTraffic), which summed up the results of its implementation.

The event was held in a mixed format – most of the participants from Russia and Finland joined online, the offline part was held at the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (St. Petersburg CCI).

The project was aimed at reducing the impact of air pollution through cross-border cooperation in the field of air quality monitoring, improving road safety through cross-border cooperation in the field of road weather services, improving meteorological support in improving transport safety.

Lyudmila Karelina, Project Manager, Vice-President of the St. Petersburg CCI, introduced the project partners and thanked them for their contribution to its implementation.

During the conference, Russian and Finnish approaches and solutions for improving transport and environmental safety were announced.
The event was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Transport of Russia, the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland, the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "North-West", representatives of Russian and Finnish companies.

Boris Krylov, Director of the Association of Environmental Partnerships (NP "AsEP"), Deputy Chairman of the Environmental Council under the Governor of St. Petersburg, made a report at the conference. In his report, he stressed the importance of the ongoing project, which allowed us to get real practical results, including the air quality system created within the framework of the project on the highway, which makes it possible not only to control, but also to make management decisions that will help reduce the burden on the environment.

At the end of the event, Lyudmila Karelina thanked all those present for their participation in the conference and fruitful cooperation within the framework of the project.

Materials and developments are in the public domain. You can read them on the project's website.

Photos can be viewed here.