March 22-24, 2022 XXI INTERNATIONAL FORUM "ECOLOGY OF BIG CITY" will be held



Traditionally, the event will be held in parallel with the International Environmental Forum "Baltic Sea Day".


A joint booth of KOSMOS LLC and NP AsEP will be organized at the Forum, where three projects of the Cross-Border Cooperation Program "Russia - South-Eastern Finland 2014-2020" will be presented: Cata3Pult, BBC1, Cool4City.


The program of the seminar “Ecological projects of the Russia-Finland cross-border cooperation program” is being formed (a hall with simultaneous translation and Internet broadcasting).

The organizer of the seminar is the Committee for Nature Management, Environmental Protection and Ensuring Ecological Safety of St. Petersburg, the Association for Environmental Partnership (NP "AsEP").

Preliminary date - March 22 Congress Center, floor B, halls B3-B9 11.00 - 13.00

Changes are possible. Follow the changes on the website

Sustainability solutions Newsletter January 2022

Solutions for biodiversity and climate need to go hand in hand

In the past few years, the world has shown that when we join forces, together we can solve global challenges. The climate and biodiversity negotiations are both taking steps forward, despite the challenges the pandemic keeps throwing at us – but still, much more actions are needed. To safeguard biodiversity and solve the climate crisis, circular economy solutions are essential.

Finland’s target is to become carbon neutral by 2035. At Sitra, we want to aim even higher and make Finland also nature positive: a country that has halted biodiversity loss and started to promote nature. But acting in Finland alone is not enough – we need to speed up the global transition to a fair circular economy and address climate and biodiversity issues together. Stay tuned for this year’s World Circular Economy Forum.

  • Reasons to be cheerful on the circular economy
  • Looking back at WCEF2021 – videos and summary report
  • Analysis: WCEF Side Events cover majority of SDGs
  • Protect biodiversity with circular solutions
  • Nature is important to Finns – wide range of relationships with nature exis
  • What motivates people to a sustainable lifestyle?

These and other sustainability solutions can be found in the January 2022 SITRA Newsletter

Public-private partnership - creation of a meta-cluster Green Net Alliance (Green Alliance)

Are you interested in international markets and cooperation? Does your business promote sustainable development, provide natural solutions/services to address climate change and biodiversity loss? Environmental companies, public and private entities are invited to join the new Green Net Alliance meta-cluster. The new alliance is the development of three already existing regional clusters in Finland and Russia: Greenreality Network from Lappeenranta (Finland), Green Net Finland from the Helsinki-Uusimaa region (Finland) and the St. Petersburg Cluster of Clean Technologies for the Urban Environment, united under the Cata3Pult project.

Green Net Alliance (Green Alliance) will be responsible for coordinating the interaction of clusters, developing business cases, supporting the assessment of the potential of business enterprises, making decisions on business development.


 Detailed information can be found at the link.

March 22-23, 2022 XXII International Ecological Forum "Baltic Sea Day" will take place

March 22-23, 2022 XXII International Ecological Forum "Baltic Sea Day" will be held at Expoforum Exhibition and Convention Center.

The Forum events will be held in a hybrid format (online participation and personal presence in the meeting room are possible).


In case of questions and suggestions, the Organizing Committee remains in touch by e-mail and phone +7 (931) 200-95-94. Updated information is available on the website


Draft Program of the Forum 2022 at the link. The program is in the stage of coordination and refinement, therefore, changes and clarifications may be made.


Registration via link

January 17, 2022 general meeting of members of the international consortium "St. Petersburg Cluster of Clean Technologies for the Urban Environment".

On January 17, 2022 (15.00 - 17.00) in the premises of the Center for Cluster Development of JSC "Technopark of St. Petersburg" (St. Petersburg, Prospect Medikov, 3, letter A), a general meeting of the members of the international consortium "St. Petersburg Cluster Clean technologies for the urban environment”. The meeting will select the chairman, secretary of the meeting, and approve the agenda.

The event will be held in hybrid form (part-time participation). Voting on the results of the meeting will end on February 17, 2022

December 16, 2021 meeting of the working group created under the Environmental Council under the Governor of St. Petersburg

December 16, 2021 a  meeting of the working group on the implementation of the Concept for the development of a territorial monitoring system for the state of the environment in St. Petersburg for the period up to 2030, created under the Environmental Council under the Governor of St. Petersburg, took place.

The meeting provided information on the current situation and the order of work; on the Roadmap for 2022 and on the preparation of proposals for the formation of the Roadmap for 2023.