Interview for the release of the program "St.Petersburg - the city of solutions"

On March 16, Denis Belyaev, chairman of the Committee for Nature Management, Environmental Protection and Environmental Safety, and Boris Krylov, director of the Non-Profit Partnership AsEP, gave an interview for the release of the program "St.Petersburg - the City of Solutions". The theme of the program was environmental safety.

What mode does the environmental emergency service operate in today? How quickly is it possible to eliminate water and soil pollution? And how is the work done with hazardous waste and illegal landfills? These and other questions were answered by the guests of the new edition of the program "St.Petersburg - the city of solutions".
The interview can be found here.

Web-conference: The practice of using RES to improve the reliability and efficiency of energy supply systems for buildings

Vladislav Karasevich, Ph. D., associate professor of the basic department of renewable energy sources (RES) Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, an expert in the field of renewable energy, an expert of the Skolkovo Foundation, will make a report on "Prospects for the use of renewable energy sources (solar collectors, heat pumps, biogas, pellets) for the needs of heat supply in the regions of Russia" at the ONLINE CONFERENCE "The practice of using RES to improve the reliability and efficiency of energy supply systems for buildings".

The event will take place on March 17, 2021 in an online format as part of the Aquatherm Moscow LIVE exhibition.
The program, registration and applications for participation with the report are here.
Contact us for participation as a speaker or listener:
+7 (985) 935-58-65 (mobile, WhatsApp)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The conference will be attended:
by leading experts of companies that produce equipment using renewable energy sources, representatives of industry science, as well as specialists of companies that provide services in the field of engineering construction of buildings using solar, wind, earth heat, atmosphere, biofuels and other renewable energy sources, as well as electric and thermal energy storage.
Conference participants:
designers of energy and heat supply systems for residential and commercial facilities, as well as persons who directly make decisions when choosing equipment for inclusion in projects for the engineering arrangement of buildings and structures, representatives of installation companies, representatives of companies that are potential customers of engineering systems and firms interested in including promising equipment in the range of products sold, representatives of research organizations, industry institutes and other specialists.
The purpose of the event is:
exchange of experience in creating engineering systems using RES technologies. Speakers and listeners of the conference will discuss the technical and economic nuances of the implemented projects. Experts will analyze the essence of the problems that companies have to face when arranging heat and power supply systems for buildings in general using RES in Russia, including legislative and economic aspects, and draw parallels with foreign experience.
Planned for consideration:
projects using geothermal and air heat pumps, solar collectors and panels, biofuel heat generators, electric and thermal energy storage systems, wind generators and other RES equipment.

Emissions database for construction - open free database of carbon emissions for construction. The service provides average data on the emissions of construction materials used in Finland, as well as construction processes and services. The goal is to align the calculations of buildings ' climate impacts throughout their life cycle and thus promote low-carbon construction.
The emission data is combined in the results, and more detailed reference studies can be found in addition. Initially, the service will be in English, and later it will be supplemented with content in Finnish and Swedish.
The Finnish environment institute SYKE is responsible for maintaining and developing the base on behalf of the Ministry of the environment.

Remote presentation of a wastewater treatment plant

On March 27, 2021, from 11:00 to 12:30 (local time), in a remote presentation, an expert from the Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY) will guide participants to the Viikinmäki wastewater treatment plant in the Finnish capital, using a virtual platform that uses 360° images.
For more information and a link to connect, please visit the official website, HSY's Facebook page here.

Expert group meeting on the topic "Biogas production"

On March 3, a meeting of experts on the Cyclical economy was held within the framework of the "Cata3Pult" and "BBC1" projects. The topic of the webinar is "Biogas production".
Moderator - Green Net Finland (Evilina Lutfi), responsible for technical training - "KOSMOS" LLC.
The first part of the webinar presented Russian and Finnish practical examples of biogas production (St. Petersburg, South Karelia, Finland, Mikkeli), the second part presented business models of biogas production (examples of Finnish enterprises Biohauki and Nanopar), the third part presented research and experience of Russian and Finnish educational institutions (ITMO and Metropolia).
The presentations were followed by a summary of the webinar results. Questions will be submitted to the speakers in writing.
With the Program of the webinar can be found here.