The foresight NTI 2.0 of the EcoNet market has completed its 3-month work

The national technology initiative's (NTI) EcoNet market foresight 2.0 completed its 3-month work. The organizers of NTI: NTI Platform, University of 20.35, JSC "RVC" and the ASI.

The national Technology Initiative (NTI) is a long – term interdepartmental program of public-private partnership to promote the development of new promising markets based on high-tech solutions that will determine the development of the world and Russian economy on the horizon until 2035 and beyond.

Experts from the Saint Petersburg cluster of clean technologies for the urban environment took part in the foresight. With their participation, clean technologies, industrial symbiosis and green Finance are declared as segments of the EcoNet market.

The EcoNet market Roadmap also includes 10 cluster urban projects and international projects involving Cluster members as a resource for developing the EcoNet market.

The Assembly of the EcoNet market Roadmap also highlights the ideas of Cluster members from the ASI's "Strong ideas for the new time" crowdfunding platform.

We offer you the final version of the EcoNet market presentation in Russian of the National technology initiative, which will soon be presented for protection before the leadership Of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

A test seminar was held

On August 24, a test seminar was held to prepare a webinar of the expert group 2.5 "Circular economy", which will be held on August 27, 2020 from 13 to 15 hours.
The draft webinar program can be viewed here.

The world circular economy forum will be held online

We are happy to invite you to the economic event of the year – the world circular economy forum (WCEFonline), which will be held online on September 29 and 30, 2020. The world needs a sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, and the circular economy gives us a critical opportunity to sustainably reboot our economies – in a way that also helps fight the climate and nature crises.
For more information about the forum, as well as to register for participation in it, please visit the website