More than 100 innovative projects were supported by the St. Petersburg Technopark

The Technopark of St. Petersburg is one of the few in Russia that gives small businesses the opportunity to attract funding for startups. This work is carried out through consultations, organization of meetings, events, presentations for representatives of the largest companies in the country and the world.
The idea of the St. Petersburg cluster of clean technologies for the urban environment " Center of Industrial Symbiosis in Russia "was included in the top of the forum of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives "Strong ideas for the new time". The idea was implemented by representatives of the companies participating in the Cluster together with the Center for Cluster Development of St. Petersburg.
More detailed information is available on the website of the Administration of St. Petersburg.

On the TV channel Russia-1 there was an issue of the program "Vesti St. Petersburg"

On January 5, the Russia-1 TV channel released an issue of the program "Vesti St. Petersburg", where Koroleva E. B. and Krylov B. S. gave comments on changing the procedure for receiving waste at landfills in Russia.
Landfills will no longer accept office equipment, household appliances, batteries, etc....a total of 73 positions. The system of recycling old household appliances is planned to be improved, for example, the system of collecting outdated equipment has been launched by some stores and manufacturers of mobile devices, and legal entities will be able to hand over old office equipment, batteries, mercury lamps, batteries to environmental plants, where they are disassembled, sorted and transferred for recycling and to enterprises that have a license for recycling, respectively.
Link to view the video of the story here.

The webinar "Scientific basis of biodiversity and popularization of scientific knowledge" was held

On December 29, the webinar "Scientific basis of Biodiversity and popularization of scientific knowledge" was held within the framework of the project "Sustainable Development of protected Areas: biodiversity, heritage conservation and recreational use" (KS1666 SustainPro).
LLC "COSMOS" represented by Koroleva Evgenia Borisovna and NP "AsEP" represented by Krylov Boris Stanislavovich took part as speakers and highlighted the activities of the project Cata3Pult and BBC1, presenting relevant presentations.

    Among the invited speakers were also present:
  • Igor Drobyshev, expert of the Swedish Agricultural University, Malmo;
  • Tsybulko Evgeniya Aleksandrovna, lecturer at MIPT, tutor of the Department of Technological Entrepreneurship at RUSNANO, expert in RANEPA funds, Innovation Promotion Fund, Skoltech.

The webinar program in Russian can be found here.
Photos are available at the link.

Took part in the webinar

On December 24, we took part in a webinar held by the Committee on environmental management of the Russian chamber of Commerce and industry. The webinar was devoted to the creation of technoparks and examples of their implementation in the regions of Russia.

18 meeting of project partners was held

On December 22, the 18th meeting of project partners was held. The results for the end of 2020 were summed up, indicators were compared and the activities of partners for the last month were presented.

Vice Prime Minister of the Russian Federation agreed on the concept of waste processing

From 2022, 100% of the packaging must be disposed of, and the producers of goods will pay the environmental fee.
Victoria Abramchenko approved a new concept of extended manufacturer's responsibility, which involves the disposal of 100% of packaging from 2022 and the payment of an environmental fee by manufacturers of goods.
On Monday, December 21, Vice Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Victoria Abramchenko, who oversees the environment, held the final meeting of the working group on the new concept of extended producer responsibility with the participation of the Minister of natural resources and ecology of the Russian Federation Alexander Kozlov and business representatives. It agreed on the basic principles of the concept, which is sent to the Government. Now this concept must be approved by the government of the Russian Federation.