Took part in the work of the SEC

On June 10, 2020, the head of the environmental bureau "KOSMOS" Koroleva E. B. took part in the work of the state examination commission (SEC) at the Saint Petersburg state technological Institute (technical University) - protection of final qualifying works by students who are studying under the educational programs of higher education-bachelor's programs, in the direction of preparation 18.03.01 "Chemical technology".
The defense of final qualifying works was carried out using distance educational technologies.

We received an offer from our partner

Dear colleagues!

We received an offer from our partner - the North-Western Institute for advanced training in the field of environmental and industrial safety to participate in the webinar "Requirements for measures to reduce emissions of pollutants into the air during periods of adverse weather conditions. Changes in environmental legislation".

The topic is really very relevant at the moment. You can view the information and take part in the webinar here.

Congratulations on ecologist's Day

Dear colleagues and friends!

Environmental bureau «KOSMOS» sincerely congratulates you on your professional holiday-world environment day (in common people — ecologist's Day).

In these difficult times, we sincerely wish success and success to environmental entrepreneurs, scientists and teachers of environmental disciplines, and all our friends and colleagues in environmental activities!

With respect and best wishes,
the Head of «KOSMOS» LLC Evgenia Koroleva

Published information on the website of the newspaper "Society and Ecology"

Information about the creation of the Environmental Council under the Governor of St. Petersburg is published on the website of the newspaper "Society and Ecology" - The editorial Board of the newspaper "Society and Ecology", published for more than 20 years, shares and supports this decision of the Governor of the cultural capital of Russia, as it is strategically important and will bring great benefits to the city. The eco-Council of the city on the Neva river will contribute to the systematic solution of environmental problems that are becoming more and more on the agenda of world and Russian politics in the first place.

Resolution of the Governor of Saint Petersburg

On may 21, 2020, the resolution of the Governor of Saint Petersburg №44-pg "On the establishment of the Environmental Council under the Governor of Saint Petersburg" was signed. This Environmental Council includes representatives of the non-profit partnership "Environmental partnership" AsEP" and "KOSMOS" LLC. You can read the Resolution here.

National technology initiative «Econet»

We invite Russian members and partners of the St. Petersburg cluster of Clean technologies for the urban environment to participate in the formation of a working group on the creation of a new global technology market "Econet" within the framework of the National technology initiative (NTI).

NTI - this is a long term interagency program of public-private partnership to promote the development of new promising markets based on high-tech solutions that will determine the development of the world and Russian economy on the horizon until 2035 and beyond.

In the future, foreign members and partners of the Cluster will be very important for promoting Russian technological solutions to foreign markets and developing international cooperation within the framework of the corresponding "road map" NTI "Econet".

Currently, the NTI is beginning work on the design and creation of new markets (in addition to the nine approved ones), which will be carried out in the format of the NTI 2.0 foresight. Creating the "Econet" market requires the collective work of experts in technologies for deep analysis and climate management, creating experimental and superlocal climate zones, restoring biodiversity and recycling waste.

For more information about the NTI 2.0 foresight and to register for participation in the "Econet" working group, please follow the link below.

A meeting of partners took place

On may 15, an online meeting of Cata3Pult project partners took place. Each partner presented their activities for the last month, according to the schedule of planned events for the first year, in the conditions of remote work.

KOSMOS LLC presented its activities on preparing materials for the issue of the journal "Environment of Saint Petersburg" and on cooperation with ITMO in consulting and providing data for participation in the Congress of young scientists, which was held in April 2020.

Green Net Finland presented information on the activities of the industrial symbiosis project implemented between the finnish company Entos Oy, which is a member of the Green Reality network Lappeenranta, and Tyreman Group, a member of the St. Petersburg clean technology Cluster. It also presented cooperation activities with ITMO, KOSMOS LLC, Tyreman Group and the St. Petersburg clean technology Cluster on the development of an innovative project for the use of coffee grounds in urban and agricultural areas.

Work on the project will continue in remote mode until the end of the threat of spread of coronavirus infection.