A meeting of project partners took place

On April 8, 2020, an online meeting of project partners was held. Due to the threat of mass spread of coronavirus infection, the project is being implemented remotely. During the meeting, there was a discussion of organizational issues about continuing work on the project.

A visit to ITMO University took place

On March 26, 2020, the Russian side visited ITMO University. A visit was made to the academic building and laboratory of environmental monitoring of the faculty of food biotechnology of ITMO University. Representatives of the ITMO University was presented the laboratory equipment.

A workshop was held on the territory of the industrial Park

On March 26, 2020 industrial Park clean technology at the address: Leningrad oblast, poselok imeni tel'mana, Krasnoborskaya road 1A, a workshop was held where a presentation of the receiving party LLC "Chairman Groups" (participant of the international project BIS) and made a presentation of LLC "KOSMOS" on the calculation of the carbon footprint from DSL environmental assessment of projects for energy efficiency of residential properties.

A visit to Kolpino on housing facilities was made

On March 26, 2020, a visit was made to Kolpino for housing facilities. Participants visited residential buildings of the Housing Committee No.4 (Tverskaya, 45), ZHSEK Graphite (Zavodskoy Prospekt, 56), TSG "On the shore" (Anisimova, 5).

I had a phone conversation with a representative of the company EcoPeatMix

This week, I had a phone conversation with a representative of EcoPeatMix.
The main product of the company is a peat absorbent for the elimination of spills of oil, petroleum products, oils and other flammable liquids.The absorbent is used in all industries where petroleum products are used, and in fact - everywhere, on water and on land, where spills and contamination occur. Unlike synthetic absorbents, which after their use require removal and disposal at special closed landfills, peat absorbent can be burned in boiler plants as a high-calorie secondary fuel without compromising the environment. A short presentation in Russian of peat products can be viewed here, and information on the absorbent in Russian here.