Took part in the seminar "Smart solutions for green mobility"

On October 12, the seminar "Smart solutions for green mobility" was held. To date, reducing CO2 emissions from movement is a big problem. Smart solutions are needed for renewable fuels, engines and vehicles, as well as intelligent systems for transport.

The seminar "Smart solutions for green mobility" discussed the development of electric mobility in Finland, Russia and other countries.

The Cata3Pult project event was implemented within the framework of the cross-border cooperation Program "South-East Finland – Russia 2014-2020", funded by the European Union.

Publication of the collection of materials of the "Baltic Sea Day" Forum

Dear participants of the XXI International Environmental Forum "Baltic Sea Day"! We are glad to inform you that the collection of Forum materials has been posted in the corresponding section of the website The publication includes materials sent in 2020-2021. Presentations are also published on the website.
Thank you for your contribution and participation in the Forum. News about the preparation and holding of the next Forum (March 22-23, 2022) will be posted on the website in the News section.

Session of the program "Interreg. Baltic Sea Region 2021-2027"

On September 28, a session of the Program "Interreg. Baltic Sea Region 2021-2027". The program is going to offer new funding to public and private organizations that want to shape the Baltic Sea region with their new eco-friendly ideas. Innovative and rational ideas, as well as climate-neutral solutions, will improve the lives of people around the Baltic Sea.

The program creates an environment for cross-border work in order to:

  • react and adapt to requirements;
  • support the transition to greener and more sustainable societies and economies;
  • support government agencies in their mission to serve citizens;
  • initiate knowledge sharing.

The 4 priorities of the Program and the tasks to be completed within the framework of the projects were presented.

Photos of the event can be viewed in the album.

Session of the Finnish University of XAMK

We invite you to the session held by the Finnish University of XAMK within the framework of the Russian-Finnish BBC1 project. We are looking for companies that are ready to share their experience about the Russian market and want to learn more about the Finnish and international market. The session will last two hours and will be held in Russian. They plan to hold a session on Thursday, October 7, 2021 from 15 to 17 hours in Zoom.

Goal: to test a new cross-border concept for companies. This concept of mutual learning is intended for Finnish and Russian companies in the field of biotechnology and closed-loop economics. The Russian expert of Export maker Ltd will contact the Russian company and explain how to prepare for this meeting. Companies can represent different industries.

Advantages for participating companies:

  • Expert's lesson: How to find investors and take a risk. Financing on the international market (the expert of Export Expert LLC will speak in Russian);
  • Opinions and tips on how to succeed with Finnish clients / up-to-date information about the peculiarities of the Finnish market provided by Finnish companies and experts;
  • An opportunity for networking, when Russian companies and business experts in a separate group will discuss questions related to the Russian market, asked by representatives of a Finnish company.

Which companies are suitable:

  • Companies should have a certain interest in internationalizing their activities, finding partners or customers, or cooperation from Finland;
  • The business sector should have some connection with the circular economy or biotechnology;
  • The company is ready to participate in a 2-hour Zoom session, which will be held on October 7 at 15 o'clock and will last two hours;
  • The Russian expert of Export Maker Ltd will contact the companies in advance and ask what issues on export and internationalization to Finland are most important for them.

Business seminar "Search for potential partners in the European Union countries through business associations and other business structures"

On October 12, 2021, the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry will host a business seminar on the topic: "Search for potential partners in the European Union countries through business associations and other business structures".

The following issues will be covered at this business seminar:

  • measures to support small and medium-sized enterprises in 2021-2022;
  • activities of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation abroad;
  • opportunities of the mixed chambers of commerce and industry to support exporters;
  • presentation of the consultation cycle for SMEs within the framework of the INCROBB project;
  • the activities of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry to support exporters.

Date: October 12, 2021 (Tuesday). Time: 12.00-14.00 (registration from 11.30). Place: St. Petersburg CCI. Address: 46-48 Tchaikovsky Street. Event format: hybrid. Participation in the event is free of charge (by prior registration).

The program of the event can be viewed here. If you are interested in taking part in the event, please register online before October 11, 2021.

Took part in the final conference on the EduEnvi project

On September 23, representatives of KOSMOS LLC took part online in the final conference on the EduEnvi project, funded by Erasmus+ and the EU. The conference was held in a hybrid format.

The aim of the EduEnvi project is to modernize, improve the accessibility and internationalization of higher education in the field of physical sciences and environmental protection in Kazakhstan and Russia. This goal was achieved by building the capacity of local academic staff (the main target group of the project) at participating partner universities by country:

  • in the field of sustainable waste management;
  • in the latest European pedagogical approaches.

Eight online training modules on sustainable waste management were presented at the conference for the benefit of the secondary target group, students and employees of companies / local / regional authorities.

The new online learning modules will offer students flexible and inclusive training courses, the introduction of innovative methods and industrial and educational cooperation issues will provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary in production activities. These modules, as well as the new and modernized curricula on sustainable waste management built in the project, allow for the training of applicants to the master's program, as well as consistent and continuous training for persons engaged in industry in the field of sustainable waste management, to solve problems related to environmental impact in both partner countries. Closer cooperation between universities and industry and the integration of cooperation between all universities into training modules develop mutually beneficial innovations, new ways of cooperation and financing in the future.

Also during the conference, the textbook "Waste management: Russian and Finnish experience", released within the framework of the Cata3Pult project, was presented and an interview with Koroleva E.B. was demonstrated.

More information about the project can be found on the website. A video about the EduEnvi project can be viewed at the link.

Photos from the online event can be viewed in the album.

Took part in the III Baltic Region Investment Forum BRIEF'21

On September 22, representatives of KOSMOS LLC took part online in the III Baltic Region Investment Forum BRIEF'21, which continued the BRIEF'20 agenda on the potential of the Leningrad Region as an attractive territory for national and foreign investors, focused on industrial leadership. The forum was held in the form of panel discussions.

The main topics of discussion of the first discussion "Production of the future" were:

  • changes in global advanced manufacturing markets;
  • changes and technologies that are necessary for industrial production;
  • ensuring stability and safety at enterprises with the introduction of advanced technologies.

The purpose of the discussion is to discuss the challenges and opportunities offered by advanced production technologies in a dialogue between business, experts, public associations and the authorities, to consider best practices and outline a plan of joint actions in order to increase the competitiveness of the region's economy and make it resistant to new challenges.

The second panel discussion was devoted to the impact of decarbonization on the regional industry. The participants discussed the upcoming introduction of a carbon tax in the EU in the context of accelerating the transition to renewable energy sources and reducing the carbon footprint.

The main topics of discussion were:

  • How will the introduction of a cross-border carbon tax affect the competitiveness of business? How strongly are the global trends of decarbonization of the economy felt by Russian enterprises?
  • How are companies going to cope with the introduction of a cross-border carbon tax? Experience of Russian and international companies;
  • How to provide exporters with access to "green" energy to reduce the tax burden?
  • For the region, "green" energy opens up opportunities for creating a new industrial cluster for the production of equipment for the renewable energy sector (RES). How to direct the flow of investments into production in the field of renewable energy?

The third panel discussion "Betting on robots: drivers and barriers of production robotization" was devoted to robotics as one of the key technologies of advanced production, which gives the enterprise a set of advantages-it allows to increase productivity in a short time, reduces dependence on external factors, including the environment, and thereby increases competitiveness.

The practical experience of the companies of the Leningrad region and St. Petersburg in the introduction of robotics was considered, drivers and barriers to the robotization of production were identified.

The program of the event in Russian can be found here.

Photos of the event can be viewed in the album.