The government of St. Petersburg supported the project

The Committee on nature management, environmental protection and environmental safety supports the proposals of LLC "KOSMOS" and NP "City homeowners association St.Petersburg" for the implementation of the project "Cata3Pult»

A video conference with the participation of the international consortium was held

March 28, 2019 at the site of JSC "Technopark of St. Petersburg" was held a video conference with the participation of the international consortium "St. Petersburg Cluster of Clean technologies for the urban environment", NP "City homeowners association St.Petersburg", the Environmental bureau of LLC "KOSMOS", Green Net Finland and representatives of the City administration Lappeenranta and the University of applied Sciences Metropolis (Finland), dedicated to the start of the project "Finnish Russian PPP catalyzing new green business" Cata3Pult / Finnish-Russian state-private partnership — catalyst for new green business.

The project will promote economic and environmental development, enhance the competitiveness of regional business through cross-border cooperation between the public and private sectors and accelerate the development of green economy in the program area. The project involves the integration of regional clusters in the field of green technologies in the Finnish-Russian cluster for the joint development of integrated solutions of green business for the urban environment and reduce human impact on the environment.