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Within the framework of the cluster project "Effective light» The St. Petersburg company, a manufacturer of LED lamps, has developed and launched the serial production of LED irradiators with ultraviolet bactericidal radiation. This equipment allows you to reduce the number of harmful microorganisms in the air. An important feature of the equipment is its safety and the ability to use it in rooms with the presence of people. Air disinfection occurs in a closed chamber of the irradiator. Read more here.

The Russian economy has a significant potential for energy saving

Over the past 10 years, the energy intensity of the Russian Federation's GDP has decreased by 9%, and the energy intensity has not decreased in the past 4 years. The goal of reducing the energy intensity of Russia's GDP by 60% while maintaining the current rate will be achieved only in 2043.

The specific consumption of heat and electricity in the residential sector in regions with similar climatic conditions differs up to 3 times.

By 01.07.2012, the multi-apartment building (MAB) should have been fully equipped with collective metering devices for consumed resources. After 7 years, the level of MAB equipment was 61%. The level of implementation of modern technologies in the field of energy saving: 27% of MAB commissioned in 2018 have increased energy efficiency classes (A++, A+, A, B, C), only 5% of MAB commissioned are equipped with ITP with weather regulation. As a result, today more than half of all existing MAB in the country (54%) consume twice as much energy as their modern counterparts.

The Russian economy has a significant potential for energy saving. The energy intensity of Russian GDP is 46% higher than the world level and 17% higher than that of Canada. The implementation of the accumulated potential will release significant additional volumes of fossil fuels for export, "green" the balance of energy consumed, reduce emissions into the atmosphere, and improve the quality of life.

Increasing energy efficiency can be achieved through the introduction of advanced technologies, such as steam and gas installations, combined heat and power plants, electrification and gasification of transport, modern energy-efficient building structures made of thermal insulation materials, controlled drive systems, energy-efficient lighting devices and lighting control systems, ITP with weather control, modern energy consumption meters.

Work of environmental authorities in a special regime aimed at non-proliferation of coronavirus infection

Due to the threat of spread of coronavirus infection, adjustments have been made to the work of state environmental authorities.
The North-Western inter-regional management of Rosprirodnadzor:
The reception of applications from citizens and legal entities on paper has been temporarily suspended. Requests are accepted by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., as well as through the feedback form. Personal acceptance of applications for the provision of public services on paper, including materials for the organization and conduct of state environmental expertise, is not carried out. Scheduled and unscheduled inspections are suspended until may 1, 2020.
Committee for nature management, environmental protection and environmental safety:
Now users of natural resources can submit: a Declaration on the impact on the environment, reports on the organization and results of production control, reports on waste management, applications for registration of objects on the state register of NWOS to the Committee by mail, or using a special box for correspondence located near the security post.

A meeting of project partners took place

On April 8, 2020, an online meeting of project partners was held. Due to the threat of mass spread of coronavirus infection, the project is being implemented remotely. During the meeting, there was a discussion of organizational issues about continuing work on the project.

A visit to ITMO University took place

On March 26, 2020, the Russian side visited ITMO University. A visit was made to the academic building and laboratory of environmental monitoring of the faculty of food biotechnology of ITMO University. Representatives of the ITMO University was presented the laboratory equipment.