Special issue of the magazine "Environment of Saint Petersburg"

On June 07, 2020, a special issue of the magazine "Environment of Saint Petersburg" was published, dedicated to the development of industrial symbiosis and the introduction of a closed-loop economy in the Baltic sea region. This special issue was prepared with the financial support of an international project: "Baltic Industrial Symbiosis" within the framework of the cross-border cooperation Program "INTERREG Baltic sea Region". The issue presents an article by "KOSMOS" LLC about the project "Finnish-Russian PPP catalyzing new green business" (Cata3Pult) \ "Finnish-Russian public-private partnership – a catalyst for a new green business" cross-border cooperation Programme "Russia - South-East Finland", and also article of partner of the International consortium "Saint-Petersburg cleantech cluster for urban environment" for sustainable development to circular economy. The special issue of the magazine is published on the website "Environment of Saint Petersburg" in two versions - in Russian and English.