Cooperation with the Department of general chemical technology and catalysis laboratory Catalytic technology of Saint Petersburg state technological Institute (technical University) and the Center for networked learning SpbSTI (TU)

The Department of general chemical technology and catalysis with the laboratory of Catalytic technologies of the Saint Petersburg state technological institute (technical University) gave a positive response to the request of "KOSMOS" LLC for cooperation on the "Cata3Pult" Project, implemented within the framework of the cross – border cooperation Program "Russia - South-Eastern Finland 2014-2020". Received a letter from the head of the Department about their interest in participating.

The Department's research, design and educational programs include "Catalytic and adsorption processes in environmental protection", "Development of catalysts, sorbents and reagents for air and water purification", "Development of technologies for neutralization and disposal of industrial and municipal waste", etc.

We also received a positive response to a request for cooperation on the project With the center for network forms of training of SpbSTI (TU) at the Institute of Technology.
This Center is organized by the international program assistance center and the United Nations industrial development organization projector, whose field of activity extends to the field of green technologies.