09.12.21 event of the BBC1 project "EcoSairila - Digital Show Room - Workshop navigation"

09.12.21 a hybrid event of the BBC1 project ("Business in Biotechnology and Circular Economy"), focused on EcoSairila, took place. The event participants were provided with information about the EcoSairila Technopark, the EcoSairila digital exhibition hall, the experience of the project partners and views on the circular economy.

Boris Krylov from NP "AsEP" made a presentation on "Promotion of Russian and Finnish technologies to solve environmental problems" commercialization within the framework of the BBC1 project ”. Saya Tilgren from Miksey spoke about the implementation of the digital platform.

Also, the participants were offered an interactive discussion on their interests. The following topics were raised:

● Environmental work: Experimental ideas for creating a healthy environment (and the Ecosairila platform)

● Funding: project ideas for applying funding at the top of the platform.

● Ensuring compliance with the triangle: from science to business, from business to science, from business to education and from education to science.

● Business Areas: What business sectors are not yet represented on the platform, but should be?


Screenshots of the event are presented in the album.