Meeting of the working group "Waste management in St. Petersburg"

On November 19, the Committee on Nature Management, Environmental Protection and Environmental Safety held a meeting of the working group on waste management in St. Petersburg, which was established in accordance with the decision of the Environmental Council under the Governor of St. Petersburg dated July 9, 2021.

The meeting considered the issues of organizing activities for the management of solid municipal waste (SMW) on the territory of St. Petersburg and prepared draft decisions for the next meeting of the Environmental Council.

Chairman of the working group – Director of NP "AsEP" – Deputy Chairman of the Environmental Council, Krylov B.S.

Ekaterina Gorshkova, General Director of Nevsky Ecological Operator JSC, made a report on the work of the regional operator for solid municipal waste management.

The Chairman of the Board of the Association in the field of ecology and Environmental protection "Separate Collection" Tatiana Nagorskaya presented a report on the current models of separate accumulation of municipal solid waste in St. Petersburg.

The practical aspects of collecting, transporting, processing and disposing of separately accumulated SMW were highlighted by Anna Salamatova, General Director of LLC "PKF "PETRO-VAST".

The meeting and discussion of a wide range of practical issues of waste management on the territory of St. Petersburg were actively attended by representatives of the projects "Cata3Pult", "Cool4City", "BBC1" – Evgenia Koroleva and Julia Gladstein (LLC "Kosmos"); Boris Krylov and Julia Antipova (NP "AsEP").

Photos from the event can be viewed in the album.