Session of the Finnish University of XAMK

We invite you to the session held by the Finnish University of XAMK within the framework of the Russian-Finnish BBC1 project. We are looking for companies that are ready to share their experience about the Russian market and want to learn more about the Finnish and international market. The session will last two hours and will be held in Russian. They plan to hold a session on Thursday, October 7, 2021 from 15 to 17 hours in Zoom.

Goal: to test a new cross-border concept for companies. This concept of mutual learning is intended for Finnish and Russian companies in the field of biotechnology and closed-loop economics. The Russian expert of Export maker Ltd will contact the Russian company and explain how to prepare for this meeting. Companies can represent different industries.

Advantages for participating companies:

  • Expert's lesson: How to find investors and take a risk. Financing on the international market (the expert of Export Expert LLC will speak in Russian);
  • Opinions and tips on how to succeed with Finnish clients / up-to-date information about the peculiarities of the Finnish market provided by Finnish companies and experts;
  • An opportunity for networking, when Russian companies and business experts in a separate group will discuss questions related to the Russian market, asked by representatives of a Finnish company.

Which companies are suitable:

  • Companies should have a certain interest in internationalizing their activities, finding partners or customers, or cooperation from Finland;
  • The business sector should have some connection with the circular economy or biotechnology;
  • The company is ready to participate in a 2-hour Zoom session, which will be held on October 7 at 15 o'clock and will last two hours;
  • The Russian expert of Export Maker Ltd will contact the companies in advance and ask what issues on export and internationalization to Finland are most important for them.