Took part in the final conference on the EduEnvi project

On September 23, representatives of KOSMOS LLC took part online in the final conference on the EduEnvi project, funded by Erasmus+ and the EU. The conference was held in a hybrid format.

The aim of the EduEnvi project is to modernize, improve the accessibility and internationalization of higher education in the field of physical sciences and environmental protection in Kazakhstan and Russia. This goal was achieved by building the capacity of local academic staff (the main target group of the project) at participating partner universities by country:

  • in the field of sustainable waste management;
  • in the latest European pedagogical approaches.

Eight online training modules on sustainable waste management were presented at the conference for the benefit of the secondary target group, students and employees of companies / local / regional authorities.

The new online learning modules will offer students flexible and inclusive training courses, the introduction of innovative methods and industrial and educational cooperation issues will provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary in production activities. These modules, as well as the new and modernized curricula on sustainable waste management built in the project, allow for the training of applicants to the master's program, as well as consistent and continuous training for persons engaged in industry in the field of sustainable waste management, to solve problems related to environmental impact in both partner countries. Closer cooperation between universities and industry and the integration of cooperation between all universities into training modules develop mutually beneficial innovations, new ways of cooperation and financing in the future.

Also during the conference, the textbook "Waste management: Russian and Finnish experience", released within the framework of the Cata3Pult project, was presented and an interview with Koroleva E.B. was demonstrated.

More information about the project can be found on the website. A video about the EduEnvi project can be viewed at the link.

Photos from the online event can be viewed in the album.