Meeting of the expert group on the circular economy of the webinar "Textile recycling - business in mind"

On April 27, a meeting of experts of the circular economy was held. The topic of the webinar is "Textile recycling - business in mind". The event was attended by 16 participants. Reports were presented on the activities of clothing factories, the production of which is based on the use of secondary resources, such as "99recycle" and FabRevizion (the Russian branch of the Finnish company SoEnergy). These companies have shown interest in each other's activities, which can be considered as a business case.

Representatives of the LALAPETE and SHOPS2HUBS projects also took part with the topics "New names in fashion 2021" and "New enterprises for processing materials".

More information about the Program of the event and the other participants can be found at the link.

Screenshots of the event can be viewed in the album.