The First Baltic Circular Economy Forum in St. Petersburg

On April 22, the first Baltic Circular Economy Forum (BCEF) will be held in St. Petersburg.

The event is supported by the following projects of the CBC program 2014-2020 South-Eastern Finland - Russia: LALAPETE, Startup Connect and Twin Campus. Register via the link.

  • BCEF will open with a plenary session (10:00-11:45);
  • Then there will be a panel discussion and a session "NTI ECONET and industrial symbiosis ecosystems: a step towards a closed-loop economy?" at BCEF (12:00-14:00);
  • Cool4City project launch workshop at BCEF (14:00-16:00). Register for a link to participate online in ZOOM here;
  • "Green startups go Global" at BCEF (16:00-18:00) (in partnership with the Twin Campus project and the Ingria Business Incubator). The events in the BCEF Finland Hall can be found here.