Participated in the webinar "Legal aspects of waste and secondary raw materials management in an apartment building"

On April 8, "Housing and Communal Services Control" held an online seminar on the topic: "Legal aspects of waste and secondary raw materials management in an apartment building", which was attended by employees of KOSMOS LLC.

Sodom Mikhailovich Budatarov (head of the educational program of the IGSU RANEPA "Production and Consumption Waste Management", head of the laboratory of the IGSU RANEPA for the study of the financial, managerial and technological foundations of the closed-loop economy, founder and head of the expert group Wasteconsulting) made a presentation.

The concepts of "waste from the use of goods", "solid municipal waste" (SMW), "secondary raw materials" were highlighted, questions were raised about the need for widespread implementation of separate waste collection, as well as about the economic benefits of separate collection for all participants – residents, management companies and homeowners ' associations, processing enterprises. In his report, Sodnom Mikhailovich conducted a comparative analysis of the quality of secondary material resources during separate collection and sorting at landfill waste sorting complexes, which showed the absolute advantage of separate collection. The relations of the management companies with the regional operator, the issues of ownership of the SMW components were also discussed. In conclusion, a practical example of waste separation and reduction of SMW volumes in Sevastopol was given.

The speaker answered the questions of the seminar participants.
The maximum number of webinar participants is 43.
A recording of the webinar will be available on the YouTube channel.