What carbon footprint do you leave?

What carbon footprint do you leave? What affects the size of our carbon footprint?

  • First, the place where we live. If the house is an old building, the coefficient of its energy and heat savings is very low, which means that more electricity is required for its heating. Fortunately, mandatory energy efficiency standards have been introduced for new buildings in our country;
  • Second, the frequency and manner of our movements and travel, the more we fly on the plane, the greater the carbon dioxide emissions;
  • Third, the products we consume have the lowest emissions from local products.

If you live in your own house or apartment, the average emits 7 kg of carbon dioxide in the air per 1 square meter. What did you eat yesterday for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Most likely, among them were products grown, processed and Packed thousands of miles away and delivered to stores by transport. This means that each of them left behind a large carbon footprint. Let's look at what this phenomenon is, and why food is better produced and consumed locally.
Carbon footprint - the amount of greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide, methane, and ozone) generated by human activity. Fossil fuels are used for agricultural machinery, fertilizer production, and food delivery around the world, resulting in carbon dioxide emissions and warming of the atmosphere. When cows, sheep, and goats digest food on farms, they release methane, another powerful gas that changes the planet's climate.
Everyone can calculate the size of the carbon footprint that he leaves - there are special calculators for this. You need to answer questions about home heating, the use of a personal car and public transport, the annual number of air travel, as well as spending on clothing, restaurants, paper books, etc. the Calculator will calculate not only the length of the carbon footprint, but also tell you how much money you need to donate to compensate for emissions. Although these figures are only approximate, they can help people understand the largest sources of greenhouse gases that they create. Detailed information in Russian in the attached file.
You can calculate your carbon footprint by following the links:

The global average carbon footprint is 5,000 kg / person. If we want to stop global warming at the critical point of 1.5 degrees, this number must be drastically reduced - to 2,500 kg by 2030 and 700 kg by 2050.
Climate diet: calculate your carbon footprint and start a climate diet!

You can send us the results of the carbon footprint calculation by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a brief description of the data you claim. We will conduct a comparative analysis and share the results.