Cata3Pult - Finnish Russian PPP catalyzing new green business.

Cata3Pult is about connecting regional cleantech clusters to meta-cluster Finnish-Russian Green Net Alliance to jointly develop complex green business solutions for urban environment and decreasing of anthropogenic impact on the environment.

Cata3Pult financing and budget: INTERREG SOUTH-EAST FINLAND-RUSSIA CBC 2014-2020 (80%), Governments of Cities of Lappeenranta, Helsinki (tbc) and Vantaa (tbc), Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

Cata3Pult project beneficiaries: City of Lappeenranta (Lead Partner), St.Petersburg House Property Owners Association, Environmental Bureau KOSMOS, Green Net Finland, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

Project objective

The project will contribute to economic and environmental development, enhance regional business competitiveness through cross-border Public-Private cooperation and catalyze green economy development in the Programme area.

Cata3Pult – forming new Finnish-Russian Green Net Alliance:

  • 3 cleantech clusters: GES-network (Lappeenranta), St.Petersburg cleantech cluster (St.Petersburg), Green Net Finland (Helsinki);
  • 3 Triple-Helixes: Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (UAS) and Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT); Governments of Cities of Lappeenranta, St. Petersburg and Helsinki & Vantaa; businesses from 3 substance focuses;
  • 3P: 3 working groups of Public Private Partnership;
  • 3 substance focuses: eco- and energy efficiency, green mobility, circular economy;
  • 3 cross-border regions: South Karelia, Helsinki, Petersburg.