Association of environmental partnership (AsEP) and employees of the environmental bureau "Kosmos" took part in the seminar

On November 21, 2019, the St. Petersburg chamber of Commerce and industry hosted the seminar "Changes in environmental legislation. Requirements of normative legal acts in the field of environmental protection and environmental safety".
The moderator was the director of the Association of environmental partnership (AsEP) Krylov B. S.
Speakers - representatives of the Committee on nature management, environmental protection and environmental safety; Committee on improvement; Rosprirodnadzor; Nevsko-Ladoga basin water management; "Vodokanal of St. Petersburg" and others.
At the seminar, the head of the environmental bureau "KOSMOS" Koroleva E. B. presented information about the international projects CATA3PULT and BBC1, implemented within the framework of the cross-border cooperation Program. The seminar was also attended by the representative of the leader-partner of the BBC1 project Saija Tillgren (Mikkeli Miksei) and the representative of the partner CATA3PULT Evilina Lutfi (Green Net Finland).

Photo report from the event can be viewed here.