On March 11, a meeting of the Environmental Council under the Governor of St. Petersburg was held

03/11/2022 Koroleva Evgenia and Krylov Boris took part in a meeting of the environmental council under the governor.

The Chairman of the Ecological Council, the Governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Dmitrievich Beglov, addressed the members of the Council with a welcoming speech.

The priorities of the state policy in the field of municipal solid waste management and the features of the existing practices of separate accumulation of municipal solid waste in St. Petersburg were considered.

Presentations were made by the Chairman of the Committee for Nature Management, Environmental Protection and Ensuring Ecological Safety Alexander Viktorovich German and General Director of the Regional Operator for the Management of Solid Municipal Waste of St. Petersburg (JSC "Nevsky Ecological Operator" Ekaterina Sergeevna Gorshkova.

Tatyana Nagorskaya, Chairman of the Board of the Association in the field of ecology and environmental protection “Separate Collection”, spoke about the successes of separate accumulation of waste in St. Petersburg and how to preserve them with the advent of a regional operator.

The results of the meeting and the recommendations of the working group on waste management in St. Petersburg, established under the Environmental Council, were reported by the Director of the Association for Environmental Partnership of NP AsEP - Boris Krylov.

During the discussion, among other things, the need to maintain the existing system of separate collection and integrate it into the integrated waste management system of St. Petersburg was confirmed.

The Governor of St. Petersburg supported the proposal to hold a joint meeting of the Council with the Public Ecological Council under the Governor of the Leningrad Region.