Future Energy Solutions conference was held

The Future Energy Solutions conference was held on September 13-15, in parallel with the event "Reducing the carbon footprint from residential buildings and social infrastructure buildings, mobility and logistics, as well as the efficiency of municipal waste management" on September 15 in Lappeenranta.

Presentations were made by LUT University, Metropolis and the Finnish Institute of the Environment; Sweco presented a feasibility study of the Cata3Pult project on energy efficiency and advanced business models for residential buildings and social infrastructure buildings-case studies from the cities of Lappeenranta and St. Petersburg, KOSMOS LLC presented a report "Energy saving and the carbon footprint of buildings of different types and years of construction in St. Petersburg"; there were also reports on biogas plants and reports on the circular economy: Separate waste collection as a normative guide for effective waste management and transition to a closed-cycle economy, the practice of separate garbage removal from St. Petersburg, the Lappeenranta Climate Action Plan, the Year of the Green Leaf and the History of young Entrepreneurs; the BBC1 project presented a report on its activities: The business potential of bioeconomics in a cross-border context.

The event was held in a hybrid format. The participants, present in person, visited EKJH - waste management center and biogas plants in South Karelia.

Photos from the online event can be viewed in the album.