On the TV channel Russia-1 there was an issue of the program "Vesti St. Petersburg"

On January 5, the Russia-1 TV channel released an issue of the program "Vesti St. Petersburg", where Koroleva E. B. and Krylov B. S. gave comments on changing the procedure for receiving waste at landfills in Russia.
Landfills will no longer accept office equipment, household appliances, batteries, etc....a total of 73 positions. The system of recycling old household appliances is planned to be improved, for example, the system of collecting outdated equipment has been launched by some stores and manufacturers of mobile devices, and legal entities will be able to hand over old office equipment, batteries, mercury lamps, batteries to environmental plants, where they are disassembled, sorted and transferred for recycling and to enterprises that have a license for recycling, respectively.
Link to view the video of the story here.